"DBF Smokin Layla" Reg # 5680572
Barn name: Layla
Born: May 30,2015
Color: grulla with a star, with a white pastern on left hind leg and
a white coronet band of right hind foot.
She has lots of running pedigree plus western pleasure and working  cow through in there.
She is my last foal from Fritz.
bottom picture she is 8 days old

                                  Givemalickin ----- Dash For Cash / Twinkly Rocket
                        Bit O Dash
                                   Lady Streaker ---- Todd's Charge / My Diamond Lil
  Brio Fritz Cashbar
                                   Royal Oak Chex -- King Fritz / Grulla Queen
                         Poki Chex Goes
                                    Poki Goes -------      What Goes On / Verde Wag Two
                                    Three Dimension Zip --- Zippo Pine Three / Classic Carrie
                         Zips Rio Dun
                                     Tardys Wander Woman -- Tardy's Senor 1 /  Wander Bar Wasp      
  Zips Magic Velvet
                                      Magic Manner ----- Lightning Bar / Chinchilla
                          My Magic Velvet
                                      Lovemedarly ---- Henryetta's Moon / Savin Sammie
Yearling picture taken on May 13,2016
2yrs old - Sept 23,2017