Rocket Wrangler    ( Rocket Bar / Go Galla Go)
                        Dash For Cash
                                                 Find A Buyer       ( To Market / Hide And Seek)
                                                 Rocket Bar         ( Three Bars Golden Rocket)
                        Twinkly Rocket
                                                 Tinky's Lady       ( Tinky Poo / Clabber's Image)
Bit O Dash              
   gray                                       Depth Charge    ( Bold Venture / Quickly)
16hh             Todd's Charge
                                                Polly June         ( Tonto Bars Gill / Little Miss Polly)
          Lady Streaker
                                                  Leo Diamond        ( Leo San / Sugarfoot Sal)
                         My Diamond Lil
                                                  My Jackie Waggoner  ( Waggoner / Jackie McCue D)

                                                 Power Command   ( King / Crickett McCue)              
                          King Fritz
                                                 Poco Jane         ( Poco Bueno / Mary Jane W)
           Royal Oak Chex
                                                  Cuellar Pet        ( Cuellar / Pet Parker)     
                          Grulla Queen
                                                  Cedar Bun          ( Poco Deuce / Lady Pep- Up 1)
Poki Chex Goes
  buckskin dun                            Tar's Venture      ( Depth Charge / High Venture)  
    14.2 hh            What Goes On
                                                  Miss Candy Spots   ( Yuma Twist / Miss Foul Play)
            Poki Goes
                                                  Poki 3 Nannette     ( Poco Sunday / Gypsy 88)
                            Verde Wag Two
                                                  Verde Wag  ( Tommy Waggoner/ Verde Go Darter)
Red names on Fritz's pedigree indicate accomplishments of the horse in any one of the following:
Halter, Racing, Performance, Legend Status and Hall Of Fame.
                                  Fritz is our senior stallion
Fritz is a very well mannered stallion. He stands 14.2 hands high. He has great conformation and style.  We hand breed with him plus pasture breed. Fritz is a real gentleman with them.
               Fritz's maternal sire is Royal Oak Chex. 
              Fritz's dam traces back to King 6X ( close up)
         There is lots of old legendary horses in his pedigree.
Fritz is heterozygous to the grey gene meaning that 50% of his foals will be grey while the other 50% will be different colors (depending on who he is bred to).
I have heard from some of the new owners of his foals and they are very please with them. "Saying they have great minds and willing to please attitude". His older foals are being used for team penning, working cow, guide horses in the mountains, trail, barrel race, reining, horse shows and feedlots.

Proven Sire of money earning gets in Barrel Racing, other time events, Halter and Western Pleasure.

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 Fritz's pedigree
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Get on Sire Detail-- info from AQHA on Oct. 23,2011
Produce of Dam detail -- info from AQHA on Oct. 23,2011
      Bit O Dash
Poki Chex Goes
  deceased winter/03
Brio Fritz Cashbar
1997 Grey AQHA Stallion
           Reg # 3624575
             DNA tested
RIP - June 1997 to December 2014
One of Fritz's foal - DBF Skipadash Jewel performing in the CARA circuit (2010) They are in the top 5.
Congratulations Tanya.
Thanks for the picture.                     Photo by

Picture of Jewel and Tanya in Arizona - Feb 2010    below
Picture below - after the fly sheet was taken off  -  Fritz 15 years old. (16/10/12)