Zip's filly - Makani  
 Register name   "DBF Finsstrongmakani" 
Born- May 31,2020
Color- Bay with a small star and 2 back socks 
Her pedigree has running (First Down Dash, Texas Truck, Jet Of Honor) with some western pleasure (Three Dimension Zip)
She is a huge filly.
 Sire is "Finabar Cash Soxs"
 Dam name is "Zips Magic Velvet" under mares page
     Moonmist's filly - Emiko  
 Register name "DBF Emiko Dashof Fin" 
Born - June 9,2020
Color - grey with a small star.
She is Moonmist first foal, she is very refine with lots of running pedigree ( First Down Dash, Jet of Honor, Dash For Cash, Pistol Bar) with some King Fritz.
 Sire is "Finabar Cash Soxs"
 Dam is "DBF Moonmist Venture" under more mares page
Below - Makani 3 months old
Below -Emiko 3 months old