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These mares are not for sale, they          are our broodmares.                   
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TF Shezatuffcookie
         Reg # 3893030
     2000 Palomino Mare
            She has lots of  old running pedigree bred into her. 
Cookie's maternal sire is Shugar Cat. She is granddaughter to Royal Informer, San Star Heidi  plus a great grand to Sugar Bar, I'm A Tuff One.
Just off her paper is Zippo Pat Bar, Win or Lose, Old Tom Cat, Three Bars, Jesse Bar to name some.
Cookie has a super personality plus William claimed her for his broodmare. 

            Breeding Cookie for a 2021 foal

Here is the accomplished pedigree I have gotten so far.
                     Click on her name below 
TF Shezatuffcookie
TF Shezatuffcookie The Jumpin Jack Kid
(proven Sire)
Royal Informer Informative Zippo Pat Bar
Logan's Miss Lue
Scarlet Oakes Win Or Lose
Deanna Shieba
San Star Heidi Lock's King King Cain
Miss Buck It
San Star Duchess Leo San Hank
Duchess Stampede
Onetuffshugarcookie Shugar Cat Sugar Bar Three Bars
Frontera Sugar
Willacat Old Tom Cat
Dorothy Wilson
Stuffed with Tuff Im A Tuff One Im A Tuff Two
kay Kring Jesse Bar
Conformation Gay
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                    DBF MoonMist Venture 
Barn name: MoonMist
Color: Grey  (black base) with a star and small snip.
Born: June 2, 2009
She is a nice size filly, very straight. She has lots of running blood with some working cow (King Fritz). MoonMist is more fine bone built than the other foals.
DNA tested.
                                                 MoonMist had a gray filly on June 9,2020
        her dam information below                            
Black Filly Brio Fritz Cashbar Bit O Dash Givemalickin Dash For Cash
Twinkly Rocket
Lady Streaker Todd's Charge
My Diamond Lil
Poki Chex Goes Royal Oak Chex King Fritz
Grulla Queen
Poki Goes What Goes On
Verde Wag Two
Oaks Last Shady The Old Oak Tree Pistol Bar Three Bars
Black Princess C
Niggy Bar Three Bars
Piggy Wiggy
Watch A Shady Lady I'ma Top Breeze Top Breeze
Girl Watch Big Al
Goldie Barred
Pedigree generated by PedigreeQuery.com
Oaks Last Shady
Bit O Dash ------------

Poki Chex Goes ------

Bright Speed Too ---

Honor Robins ----------
                 "DBF Go Deva Eyes " 
                             Reg. # 4829212
         Born on May 22.06 
Color: Bay with 3 socks plus a connecting star,blaze,snip and white on her chin.
         Deva is built more like a thoroughbred.
Deva has very straight long legs with nice bone structure plus a pretty head.            She might be carrying the sabino gene as well.
          Her height is15.2 H
Givemalickin        Dash For Cash / Twinkly Rocket

Lady Streaker       Todd's Charge / My Diamond Lil

Royal Oak Chex     King Fritz / Grulla Queen

Poki Goes               What Goes On / Verde Wag Two

Bright Bouncer        Dee Bar Bright / Seeyall

Dottie Bright            Bright Bar / Modot

Robin Laico            Laico Leo Bar / Mid Bar Robin

Cash For Robin       Robin Of Honor / Give Her Cash
Brio Fritz Cashbar

Click on their names to see accomplished pedigree and pictures.

DBF Give Maddonhonor
              "DBF Skipadash Hera" 
            Barn Name: Hera    
                    Born: May 18,2012   Stands - 15.1hh at 5 yrs old
                    Color : Bay with no white markings.
Hera has the speed and working horse pedigree to take you anywhere.
She is a full sibling to Brook's barrel horse - 
                   DBF Skipadash Jewel and Tanya's filly - DBF Skipadash Nitika.              

                                       Givemalickin ----- Dash For Cash / Twinkly Rocket
                            Bit O Dash
                                        Lady Streaker ---- Todd's Charge / My Diamond Lil
     Brio Fritz Cashbar
                                        Royal Oak Chex -- King Fritz / Grulla Queen
                              Poki Chex Goes
                                        Poki Goes -------      What Goes On / Verde Wag Two

                                        Silent Spanish Bar --- Skip Silent / Skippa Venture
                              Spanish Engine
                                        Shantys Engine ---Skip Badlands 565 /  Shanty's Shadow        
        Azuteen Brown
                                         Azuthought ----  Aforethought / Azure Teen
                                         Movin Melody ----Smooth Move / Trecia's Music